Clipping & Masking of images
Let MaskTask take care of your clipping & masking tasks, as part of your total production of catalogues, magazines, books, websites, ad-banners and the like. Often is this work something that the employees would like to be without, as it’s time-consuming, dull and monotonous. By outsourcing those tasks to MaskTask, then your employees can devote their time to the more creative and productive work.

Extra image manipulation
We can also help in adding shadows and colour adjustments, as well as improving the sharpness and other manipulations to the image, so it becomes more attractive.

All pictures are done in Adobe Photoshop where the most suitable tool is used to solve the task. Pen tool, layer masks, channels, eraser, express masking and others.

We offer highest quality done by well-educated graphic designers. Every image is quality controlled, before its send back to you.
  • Processed within 24 hours
  • X-press processing can be arranged
  • Quality control
  • Easy file processing
  • Danish contact person, who ensures quality and service
  • Attractive prices
  • Monthly consolidated billing

When outsourcing makes sense